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Rhythm Kids is the coolest class for kids and isChildren sing, move, dance, learn world rhythms and discover an innovative approach to music and drumming. Classes also support self-confidence, languages, cooperation, improvisation, pre-note reading, creativity and musicality. Check out our  perfect for children ages 5-8. Class Locator page to find your nearest Rhythm Kids class!

  • Build-A-Class: No class near you? Just gather 6-10 children and then contact us to book a teacher
  • Location Spotter: Help us find a location near you that may be interested in a fun, drumming program

Rhythm Kids is spreading throughout New England area and that means our classes are booked in a wide variety of locations and through different organizations. Fees and policies vary from each location and that's why they are not listed on our site. 

Sign up for a Rhythm Kids class today and start rocking to the beat!